**Important Dates**

Field Day K-2nd May 10th @ 8:00 am
Field Day 3rd-5th May 13th @ 8:00 am

Norwood Elementary School

809 E. Tri County Boulevard
Oliver Springs, Tennessee 37840
Phone: 865-435-2519 Fax: 865-435-2758

Principal Wayne Patton

Secretary Faye Hopwood

Cafeteria News:

The Lunchroom will no longer accept be accepting checks for the remainder of the year!

All Cafeteria charges must be paid BEFORE your child can get their final report card!

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Mission Statement: The mission of Norwood Elementary School is to provide an opportunity for every student to learn at or above grade level expectations in a safe and secure environment that fosters positive social and emotional growth. The students will demonstrate mastery of grade level skills as measured by a variety of continuous classroom assessments and criterion referenced testing based on state and national standards. These assessments will provide teachers with the necessary evidence to support all students with opportunities for ongoing learning.